Role: UX Designer
Duration: Apr 2018 - Present
Project: EA Desktop

I joined EA as a Experience Design Intern in the summer of 2018 and transitioned to a full time UX position after completing my internship. I’m a UX/UI Designer on our EAX (EA Experience) team which is responsible for Origin’s desktop & web presence as well as the EA website & other EA game specific sites / apps. 

Currently I'm the Lead Experience Designer and Owner of Game Hub, DLC Hub, Promotional Content & Legal Compliance for EA Desktop.

Legal Disclaimer : Due to my NDA I am unable to display any concept or process work and can only show final designs in their live environment. All content shown here are currently live in our EA Desktop public beta.

Game Hub

The Game Hub is players primary destination for learning about, acquiring and playing games inside EA Desktop. Made up of a series of interchangeable components, the Game Hub is intended to provide a tailored experience across all stages of a player journey.

Promotional Content

Touts are the primary promotional element across EA Desktop, giving our marketing team a tool to incorporate advertisements, new releases and other promotional content into a easy to understand promotional container.

Media Viewer

The media viewer component is used across EA Desktop to allow our players to view videos & screenshots from games and promotional content. It is a extremely flexible component, able to adapt to any location but is primarily used on the Game & DLC Hub's to highlight images and video from games.