Not Little
This is it, the big things that are definitely not little things. This is your chance to shoot for the moon and dream big.

What have you always had in thE back of your head that feels really far out of reach. Looking back at the little things you’ve accomplished and your acknowledgement of the less
little things, I hope you’re starting to realize how awesome you
really are.

Whatever these big things are, you are 100% good enough to accomplish them and I want you to remember that you are worth investing yourself in.

Instead of being scared by the bit thing, break it down into little things and slowly work up to it, I believe in you!
My Connection
My not little thing is pretty giant, it’s the future. I have a ton of uncertainty about what the future is going to bring and no idea how I’m going to deal with it.

The best way I know how is to work on improving myself now so that I’ll be ready to tackle whatever challenges I face.