Less Little
Less little things fall somewhere in-between household chores and becoming the prime minister. They’re definitely achievable but they take a bit of work and perseverance that can be challenging at times.

Between you and me, we both know you could probably knock them all out in a week or two
but that would be way too
much work.

I’m going to ask you to just acknowledge these challenges and keep them in the back of your mind as something you can start to work up towards.

These are not little things and shouldn’t be treated like one. They are significant challenges that you need time to address.
My Connection
One of the biggest less little things I faced in the past couple years was seeing out help from a professional about my mental health.

I knew it was something I needed to do but kept coming up with excused to avoid it until it broke me and I ended up in a worse position than if I had made that leap in the first place.