Yesterday I asked you to think about the little things that you do everyday that make you amazing. Those small actions we rarely think about and the impact they can have on how we perceive a day.

Today we’re going to shift our gaze to the future and look at some of the challenges you want to knock out over the next few days, weeks and months.

What makes these things jump out at you and if you know what they are, why haven’t you done them yet?

Recognize that some of them may be challenging but others are not as bad as they seem.
My Connection
When I started writing this book, I had 3 major things that I was looking at completing in the upcoming months.

First was completing my thesis, and if you’re reading this then it’s done.

The second is to start reading again, a habit that I lost over years of hectic schooling and the third is to expand and grow my freelance business to $4000 a month.

Those are a pretty big disparity of goals but I think I can do it.