Made It! 
Setting and achieving goals is challenging, no doubt about it! It can take years to trust yourself to stick to your goals but building
up to that in small steps can be
a great way to achieve those
big goals.

Take this book for example. If you’re reading this you made it through 7 days of opening the book and going through the days challenges.

That’s no small achievement and you did it!

Today I’m going to ask you to think about all the little things
you accomplished over the past 7 days and I hope you’ve realized that you are more than capable
of following through on your
own goals.
My Connection
Goal setting was never my strong suit either. When I first started doing research into it I felt a bit lost but I stuck to it and learned pretty quickly that effectively setting goals is a really personal thing.

Over the course of creating this book I accomplished the major goal of completing my thesis. I’m really excited that you had the chance to read it!